Apple Fixes Core Count Issue in M2 iPad Air

The M2 iPad Air was initially advertised with a 10-core GPU, but it actually has a nine-core GPU.

Apple updated its website to reflect the correct core count after the discrepancy was brought to light by 9to5Mac.

All performance claims for the M2 iPad Air are based on the nine-core GPU, according to an Apple spokesperson.

This correction follows a report from 9to5Mac revealing the discrepancy in the core count.

Apple has also adjusted the core count information on its press release and support page for the M2 iPad Air.

The Verge contacted Apple for further clarification but has not received an immediate response.

Despite the core count adjustment, Apple maintains that the M2 iPad Air is still 50% faster than its predecessor, the M1.

It's unusual for Apple to issue such a correction, and the reason for the change in listed specs remains unclear.

Previously, Apple took a week to acknowledge a bug that caused deleted iPhone photos to reappear.

Customers were not informed of the core count adjustment before it was corrected on Apple's website.