Apple Making Siri and iOS Smarter with 'Apple Intelligence' and OpenAI

Apple is gearing up to introduce its solution to the artificial intelligence (AI) trend that’s sweeping the tech industry: Apple Intelligence.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from June 10-14, Apple is expected to unveil its new lineup of AI-powered products and services called "Apple Intelligence".

The company's strategy involves combining onboard and cloud-based AI services across its range of products.

iPhones and iPads will utilize dedicated hardware (onboard chips) for AI tasks, while more demanding tasks will rely on cloud services.

This approach aims to uphold user privacy for features like predictive text and simple queries, while partnering with OpenAI for more advanced capabilities.

Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, is slated for a major upgrade with new functionalities.

The updated Siri is expected to handle personalized tasks like email management and photo editing based on detailed instructions.

Despite some skepticism, Apple's move into AI has generated anticipation, especially considering its competitors' advancements in the field.

Previously lagging in AI, Apple's introduction of "Apple Intelligence" marks a significant step into the generative AI domain.

With the launch of AI-generated emojis, an enhanced Siri, and the integration of "Apple Intelligence" across its products, Apple aims to maintain its position as a market leader in 2024.