Apple Negotiating with Google Gemini to Enhance iPhone AI Capabilities

According to Bloomberg, Apple is actively negotiating with Google to incorporate its Gemini generative AI technology into iPhones.

Apple is also considering utilizing OpenAI's ChatGPT for its AI features, as CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the company's focus on artificial intelligence.

Tim Cook stated that Apple plans to release AI features to customers later this year, emphasizing the significant investment in this area.

Bloomberg suggests that Apple's AI features might integrate a combination of both first-party and third-party AI models.

Apple's upcoming iOS 18 could feature on-device generative AI powered by its own models, while cloud-based AI services may come through partnerships with companies like Google.

If the deal with Google materializes, Apple would follow in the footsteps of Samsung, which integrated Google's AI technology into its Galaxy S24 smartphones.

The implementation of Google's AI tech into Apple devices, including potential branding, remains undecided.

Apple's existing agreement with Google, making Google Search the default on its devices, is valued at $18 billion annually.

However, such deals have faced scrutiny from regulators, including accusations of unfairly strengthening Google's market dominance.

A potential AI partnership between Apple and Google could extend Google's AI tools to over 2 billion iPhones in the market, but it may also indicate that Apple's own AI technology lags behind competitors.