Apple's automatic creativity AI might not function with the regular iPhone 15.

Apple plans to introduce its generative AI initiative, named Apple Intelligence, at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference.

The new feature is anticipated to enhance Siri's capabilities through a partnership with OpenAI.

Users will have the option to participate in a beta version of Apple Intelligence, which will initially be available on upcoming iPhone, iPad, and Mac models.

However, the standard iPhone 15 may not support the feature, as it requires advanced hardware capabilities.

Apple Intelligence aims to improve existing applications, such as Safari and Siri, by offering features like page summarization and notification management.

The system will combine on-device processing with cloud-based operations to optimize performance.

Alongside AI advancements, Apple will unveil updates to its operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and visionOS.

Siri is expected to undergo significant enhancements, enabling it to control app features and provide proactive assistance.

Apple has explored partnerships with OpenAI and Google to license advanced AI technologies for its ecosystem.

Other anticipated announcements include the introduction of Rich Communication Services for iPhone and the ability to customize app layouts on the home screen.