Best Upcoming Meta Quest 3 Games Of 2024

Numerous upcoming titles are on the horizon for Meta Quest 3 owners, including adaptations of classic console/PC games and exclusive VR titles.

Most of these upcoming games are compatible with various Quest headsets like Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

A revamped version of Bulletstorm, an Xbox 360 game, is set for release on January 18, offering impressive visuals and massive boss encounters suitable for VR.

Bulletstorm Adaptation

Asgard’s Wrath 2 is a highly acclaimed VR game recently released for the Meta Quest 3, garnering excellent reviews.

Asgard’s Wrath 2 Success

This indie hit from 2022/2023, transitioning to VR, allows players to run a laundromat, gradually turning it into an arcade with playable machines.

Arcade Paradise VR

Originally a PC game, this VR adaptation involves building and managing a medieval settlement, offering a potentially immersive and relaxed gaming experience.

Medieval Dynasty VR

Players take on the role of Vecna, an antagonist from Stranger Things, in an unusual VR game developed by Green Claws, promising an intriguing experience.

Stranger Things VR Experience

A sequel to the grappling hook shooter game, Swarm 2 is anticipated to be bigger and better, maintaining accessibility despite its action-packed nature.

Swarm 2

An enigmatic project delayed until late 2024, teased through atmospheric cinematic trailers but without gameplay footage, generating high expectations due to the developer's reputation.

Skydance Interactive's Mystery Game

Developed by Novelab, Demeter is an ambitious mixed-reality game that creates miniature worlds within the player's surroundings, showcasing the potential of mixed reality on the Quest 3.

Demeter's Mixed Reality Concept

An upcoming manga adaptation VR game, offering glimpses of the player navigating a city similar to the anime series, anticipated for the second half of 2024.

Manga Adaptation Teaser

These games have release dates varying from early 2024 onwards, promising a diverse range of experiences for Meta Quest 3 users.

Release Schedule