CDK Global cyberattack leaves many car dealers stuck

Car dealers nationwide are struggling due to recent cyberattacks on CDK Global, a company that provides crucial software for their operations.

Tom Maioli, owner of Celebrity Motor Car Company in New York and New Jersey, described his business as completely paralyzed, unable to process paperwork or financial transactions.

The disruptions are especially harmful to car dealerships, where delays can deter potential buyers who are eager to purchase a vehicle.

Maioli expressed uncertainty about when his sales systems will be operational again, leaving his business in a state of uncertainty.

 CDK Global's dealer management system, used by 15,000 dealerships, remained offline for several days, causing significant problems for dealers and customers alike.

One family in New Jersey couldn't receive their new Audi Q5 due to the outage, disappointing their children who were eagerly awaiting its arrival.

CDK Global took down its services as a precaution after a cyberattack, halting sales for its customers, with a subsequent attack exacerbating the issue.

Geoff Pohanka of Pohanka Automotive Group described the outage as severely impacting their operations, affecting paperwork generation and finance processes.

Despite the challenges, dealerships like Sport Honda in Maryland are adapting to manual processes to continue serving customers during the crisis.

The ongoing tech failure could have significant financial consequences, with affected dealers considering legal action against CDK Global for the disruption.