Delta Game Emulator Now Available for Free on Apple’s App Store

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The Delta emulator is now accessible for free on the Apple App Store.

The app is available in many countries outside the European Union via Apple's official store.

For EU residents, it's accessible through the new third-party AltStore PAL app marketplace.

 Delta marks a significant milestone as the first officially sanctioned game emulator for iPhones by Apple.

 It offers console emulation ranging from the original NES to the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis.

 Developer Riley Testut confirmed the app's similarity to the AltStore PAL version.

 Delta features customizable on-screen buttons and supports Bluetooth controllers like Xbox One Series S or PS5 controllers.

Users can customize controller layouts and set extra buttons for quick save states or fast-forwarding through game cutscenes.

 Delta supports unique Nintendo input methods like gyroscope controls and microphone inputs for specific games.

 The app also offers features such as automatic fetching of game box art, customization options, multiplayer support, and AirPlay streaming.