Exclusive: Further Details Revealed About PlayStation 5 Pro Specifications

Insider Gaming reveals additional PlayStation 5 Pro specifications following recent leaks on its GPU specs and performance goals.

PlayStation 5 Pro's system memory boasts a significant increase in efficiency compared to the Standard PlayStation 5, resulting in a bandwidth gain of over 28%.

Both consoles share an identical CPU, but the Pro model features a 'High CPU Frequency Mode' with a 10% boost, reaching 3.85GHz.

Activation of the High CPU Frequency Mode allocates more power to the CPU, slightly downclocking the GPU by about 1.5%, resulting in approximately 1% lower GPU performance.

The PlayStation 5 Pro's ACV operates at a higher clock speed than the Standard PlayStation 5, enhancing the ACM library's performance by 35%.

Notable improvements in the PlayStation 5 Pro's GPU include rendering speeds 45% faster than the PS5, increased ray-tracing capabilities, and support for resolutions up to 8K in future SDK versions.

The Pro model features a custom machine learning architecture, including an AI Accelerator supporting significant computation capabilities.

A detachable disc drive, identical to the latest Standard PlayStation 5 iteration, and 1TB storage space are included to maintain competitiveness.

Currently running on SDK 9.00, the PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to transition to SDK 10.00 by Fall 2024, coinciding with its targeted release date.

These enhancements aim to position the PlayStation 5 Pro as a formidable competitor in the gaming console market.