Google and OpenAI Compete in Artificial Intelligence as Apple Shows Interest

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 Google is launching "AI Overview" in U.S. search results, competing with OpenAI.

 Alphabet introduced AI Overview at Google I/O, aiming for a billion users by year end.

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 AI Overview integrates Google's Gemini AI model, offering summaries atop search results.

 OpenAI's ChatGPT competes by providing search answers, while OpenAI unveils GPT-4o.

 Apple engages in AI licensing talks with Google and OpenAI ahead of WWDC 2024.

 Microsoft, OpenAI's biggest investor, sees its chief scientist depart.

 Analysts highlight Google's competitive edge at Google I/O and potential shifts in Apple-Google relations.

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 Google showcases Astra, a real-time multimodal AI assistant, at I/O.

 Google's AI Overview economics are compared to traditional search engine costs.

 Despite lingering questions, Google stock rises following I/O, with analysts noting Google's successful innovation and strategic focus.