Google Unveils a Cool Smartwatch for Kids

 Google revealed a new kids smartwatch called Fitbit Ace LTE, which seems impressive.

Despite its appeal, the Fitbit Ace LTE is costly both initially and over time.

The watch likely runs Wear OS, although Google hasn't explicitly confirmed it.

 It features built-in games to encourage children to stay active, with promises of regular updates.

The watch includes customizable creatures called Eejie, which thrive with daily activity.

LTE connectivity is essential for many features, adding an extra $10 per month to the cost.

 With LTE, parents can track their child's location and allow limited calls and texts.

The Fitbit Ace app provides parental control over contacts and location tracking.

Specs include a plastic, stainless steel, and glass construction, along with various connectivity options.

 Despite concerns about battery life and price, the Fitbit Ace LTE offers a compelling package for kids.