Job Simulator studio says Vision Pro is a major milestone for mainstream XR adoption.

While the M4 iPad Pro gains attention, Apple Vision Pro still has significant developments underway.

Owlchemy Labs CEO Andrew Eiche shares insights on integrating Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator with Apple Vision Pro.

 Eiche views Apple Vision Pro as a key step towards wider acceptance due to its user-friendly design.

He emphasizes the importance of focusing on the path to mainstream adoption rather than immediate arrival.

 Eiche compares the development of ChatGPT to the gradual evolution of AI over decades.

 He highlights the tendency to overlook the gradual progression of technology, especially in VR.

 Eiche advises patience in the advancement of VR technology, urging observers to wait for progress.

Despite challenges, Eiche remains optimistic about the potential of Apple Vision Pro.

According to Eiche, the transparent development process of VR technology contrasts with other innovations.

Eiche's perspective offers valuable insights into the current state and future prospects of Apple Vision Pro.