If You're Using Apple to Pay for Netflix, You Could Risk Losing Account Access

Netflix urges customers to switch away from using Apple's App Store for subscription payments.

Users paying through Apple may face account suspension if they don't update their payment method by the renewal date.

The policy adjustment applies to basic plan subscribers in regions like the US and Canada.

Apple's long-standing 30% commission on in-app purchases has sparked criticism from app developers.

Despite previously exempting certain apps, Apple's policies now impact existing Netflix subscribers.

Netflix ceased accepting Apple payments for new customers in 2018, extending the change to existing subscribers.

Apple relaxed its rules in 2021, allowing streaming giants like Netflix to redirect users to external payment options.

Apple's in-app purchase fees led to legal disputes, including a case brought by Epic Games over antitrust concerns.

The US Supreme Court's recent decision declined to review a ruling requiring Apple to permit alternative payment channels.

This decision stemmed from a lawsuit by Epic Games, highlighting ongoing tensions between Apple and app developers.