Initial Reddit Feedback on the Vision Pro Emerges

Investing $3,500 in the Vision Pro, Apple's innovative "spatial computer," typically results in informed and satisfied buyers.

Purchasers are urged to adopt a different mindset when spending such a significant amount on a groundbreaking platform like the Vision Pro.

The Vision Pro subreddit provides a glimpse into how Apple's vision is resonating with early adopters.

Reddit reviewers, including Nilay Patel, highlight concerns such as a "smaller than expected" field of view and lens reflections, acknowledged by Apple.

Commiseration and valuable insights fill the comments section, with noteworthy mentions like the device not supporting 3D porn.

Some comments attribute issues to users not conducting sufficient research before purchasing or overlooking factors like lighting for blurry passthrough.

Diverse opinions on the Vision Pro subreddit include a former Apple employee praising it as "the greatest piece of technology" and an enthusiast sharing an echo discovery in immersive mode.


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An "avid VR enthusiast" critiques others for reviewing the device incorrectly.

Reports emerge of users wearing the Vision Pro on a plane, showcasing its versatile usage scenarios.

The Vision Pro subreddit offers a comprehensive overview of user experiences, spanning from enthusiastic endorsements to nuanced critiques and practical usage insights.