Introducing Shure MoveMic: Wireless Microphone System for Mobile Devices and Cameras

Shure introduces MoveMic Lav, an additional clip-on Lav microphone for simultaneous dual talent recording with MoveMic One system.

MoveMic Lav enables recording on phone via MOTIV apps or on camera with MoveMic Receiver.

Shure, known for products like SM7dB mic, unveils MoveMic Lav, a compact wireless Lavalier microphone.

MoveMic Lav comes in single and dual-channel options, competing with brands like DJI and RØDE in the expanding wireless mic systems market.

Key features of MoveMic Lav include omnidirectional pickup pattern for clear sound, with an included windscreen to reduce unwanted noise.

Users can switch between normal RF power and high RF power modes for better performance over distance or to overcome interference.

MoveMic Lav's audio settings can be adjusted via ShurePlus MOTIV video or audio apps, with configuration possible up to 100 feet away.

Shure's in-app Bluetooth technology prioritizes audio input, ensuring reliable recording of two people simultaneously.

Easy pairing to phone via MOTIV video app or MoveMic Receiver, with automatic reconnection upon powering on.

MoveMic Lav boasts discreet size, water resistance, and an 11-hour battery life, making it suitable for various recording scenarios.