Leaked design sketches reveal noticeable differences between iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro.

New CAD image shared by leaker Majin Bu provides clearer insight into the rumored design of the iPhone 16.

The image showcases a redesigned camera bump, resembling the vertically-aligned pill shape seen in iPhone X.

This alteration may serve to distinguish the iPhone 16 from its predecessors and possibly hint at upcoming Spatial video capabilities.

Spatial video technology necessitates cooperation between the main and ultrawide cameras, a feature already present in iPhone 15 Pro's vertically aligned camera setup.

The left side of the phone reveals a slight indentation where the alleged Capture button, rumored to simplify photo and video capture, is expected to reside.

The function of this button remains uncertain, though it may function similarly to a shutter button on devices like the Sony Xperia 1 V.

A potential Action button, rumored to be featured on all iPhone 16 models, is hinted at on the right side, promising customizable shortcut functions.

Majin Bu has been a consistent source of iPhone 16 design leaks, offering insights through project drawings, physical mock-ups, and concept images.

While more leaks are anticipated, concrete details are unlikely until Apple's expected September reveal.

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