LinkedIn Introduces Premium Pages and Exclusive Subscription Plan with Growth Tools for Small Businesses

LinkedIn is testing a new subscription plan, Premium Company Page, aimed at boosting revenue for small and medium-sized businesses.

 The subscription, priced up to $99 per month, offers AI-generated content and tools to enhance follower count and visibility.

 This move reflects LinkedIn's strategy under Microsoft ownership to diversify revenue streams and improve user experience.

 Premium subscription revenue surged by 25% in 2023, contributing $1.7 billion to LinkedIn's annual revenue of $15 billion.

Premium Company Page features include visitor tracking, customizable call-to-action buttons, and prominent testimonials display.

 The subscription also provides AI writing assistance and a golden badge for verified premium pages.

 LinkedIn is venturing into influencer marketing, competing with platforms like TikTok and Instagram, by introducing Thought Leader ads.

With influencer marketing gaining traction in the U.S., LinkedIn aims to leverage its vast user base for expansion.

 LinkedIn is expanding its content offerings by introducing short-form video content, joining the ranks of TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Netflix.

Microsoft stock has seen a 44% increase in the past year, offering investment opportunities through ETFs like XLK and FTEC.