Microsoft decides to skip releasing universal Recall and opts for Windows Insider preview instead

Microsoft has decided not to release Recall widely but will offer it exclusively to Windows Insiders.

Recall, previously announced on May 20, aimed to help users remember past activities on their PCs.

However, its announcement sparked controversy due to concerns about privacy and data security.

The tool's default setting raised alarm, making it an opt-in feature after criticisms.

Despite adjustments, Microsoft's handling of privacy issues drew further criticism.

Recall will now undergo testing within the Windows Insider Program before a broader release.

This delay affects Copilot+ PCs, particularly those powered by Qualcomm processors.

The decision to withhold Recall may impact Microsoft's partnership with Qualcomm.

The Recall saga has overshadowed discussions about Qualcomm-powered PCs.

It may take months before Recall becomes widely available, limiting its immediate impact.