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NASA is experimenting with a lunar elevator for the ARTEMIS III mission.

Artemis III marks a significant milestone with the first woman and person of color stepping onto the lunar surface, representing the first human landing on the moon since 1972.

Scheduled for 2025, NASA is diligently working to ensure the mission's success.

Astronauts of Artemis III will utilize NASA's Orion spacecraft before transferring to SpaceX's modified Starship HLS lander for the lunar journey.

The Starship HLS will facilitate the transition of astronauts from lunar orbit to the moon's surface.

Post-landing, an elevator will extend from the craft to transport the crew from the top habitable area of the Starship to the lunar surface.

Astronauts Nicole Mann and Doug Wheelock recently tested a mockup of the elevator, assessing its functionality and crew interfaces, wearing spacesuits to simulate mission conditions.

Their feedback focused on elevator controls, cargo space, mobility constraints, and operational dynamics while the basket moved along a vertical rail system.

Preceding Artemis III, a crewed test of the Orion spacecraft will occur with a moon flyby in November 2024, involving four astronauts currently undergoing intensive training.

This mission aims to evaluate and ensure the readiness of the spacecraft for the subsequent Artemis III voyage.

The rigorous preparation and testing underscore NASA's commitment to achieving a successful and historic Artemis III mission.