New App Turns Your Android Phone into a Professional Camera

 Last year, Blackmagic Design introduced the Blackmagic Camera app for iPhones, offering more options and flexibility for shooting videos with an iPhone.

Now, Android users can also access the app, which includes features like adjusting frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, and ISO settings.

 The app provides advanced tools such as focus peaking, zebra patterns, and false color to enhance mobile filmmaking capabilities.

 Recordings can be saved directly to your phone's storage and later transferred to an external drive, or uploaded to Blackmagic Cloud.

Using Blackmagic Cloud, recordings can be linked to DaVinci Resolve projects, automatically syncing with project members.

Alternatively, manually record videos on your phone and upload selected clips to the cloud when connected.

The app's Heads-Up Display (HUD) simplifies navigation and adjustment of key settings based on your phone's capabilities.

Easily select camera lenses (front or rear, wide-angle or zoom) and adjust frame rates from 24fps to 60fps.

Control shutter speeds from 1/24 to 1/8000, adjust ISO settings (25 to 10666), and set white balance/tint manually or using presets.

Monitor audio levels, check storage space, and track upload progress directly from the HUD interface.