New Apple smart tech doesn't work for most iPhone users

Apple has finally joined the AI trend after almost two years, as CEO Tim Cook revealed during the Worldwide Developer Conference.

 The new intelligence features are expected to enhance user experience and inspire developers, according to Cook's announcement at the keynote.

However, the new AI features are exclusive to users of the latest iPhone models, specifically the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, and limited to those who use U.S. English until 2024.

This means that over 90% of current iPhone users may not access the new technology without upgrading to these specific models.

Estimates suggest that only a small fraction of iPhone users, around 7%, might benefit from Apple Intelligence initially.

The revamped Siri, part of the new AI system, offers various functions such as summarizing documents, suggesting responses, and creating emojis.

Only iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users can utilize Apple Intelligence and the improved Siri, leaving other iPhone models excluded.

Besides iPhones, the new AI features will extend to iPads and Macs with Apple processors, excluding older models without these specifications.

Despite advancements, devices like Apple's Vision Pro glasses won't integrate the new AI technology, despite their sophisticated capabilities.

Apple's expansion into generative AI raises expectations, but the full integration across devices and languages may take time, disappointing some analysts anticipating broader accessibility.