Apple Wants to Update Siri with AI to Control Different Parts of Apps

Virtual assistants today can chat with us smoothly, like Siri from Apple, but sometimes Siri gets confused.

 Siri can answer questions but struggles with follow-up tasks like adding events to your calendar.

Unlike humans, Siri lacks context and can't keep up with complex conversations.

 Apple might fix Siri's issues with a big update rumored to come on June 10 during WWDC.

 When Siri debuted in 2011, it was a big deal, but now it's falling behind other assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

 New virtual assistants from companies like OpenAI and Google are making Siri's competition tougher.

Apple is working on a more advanced Siri that can understand pictures and videos, but it's behind rivals in this area.

 Apple wants to make Siri more private than other assistants by processing requests on your device.

 Apple might bring in ChatGPT from OpenAI to help Siri, focusing on improving what Siri can already do.

 Siri's next update might not be groundbreaking, but it could make Siri smarter and better at multitasking.