New Google TV Streamer King: Walmart's Onn 4K Pro

The Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device has a generic name, but it's still a solid choice.

 It's a contender against the Google Chromecast With Google TV.

The Onn 4K Pro offers Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, making it a pro-level device.

 It boasts microphones for hands-free commands, similar to the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

 Features like Ethernet and USB support give it an edge over competitors.

 Setup is easy, whether through a phone or directly on the TV.

The remote control is user-friendly, though lacking backlit buttons.

 Performance-wise, it outshines other $50 streaming devices with minimal lag.

Voice control via Google Assistant works seamlessly.

 Overall, the Onn 4K Pro offers great value for its price, despite its uninspired name.