NSA Warns iPhone And Android Users To Restart Their Phones

 The NSA advises iPhone and Android users to restart their phones once a week to defend against potential cyber threats.

Many people only power down their devices for updates, but the NSA suggests doing it more frequently.

 Regularly restarting your phone may thwart zero-click exploits and spear-phishing attempts.

 However, this action isn't foolproof against all types of cyber attacks, according to the NSA.

 Smartphone features often prioritize convenience over security, leaving users vulnerable to threats.

Alongside rebooting, the NSA recommends disabling unused features like Bluetooth and updating devices promptly.

 Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks poses risks, although the chances of an attack are generally low.

 Users should be cautious of phishing attempts and avoid opening suspicious email attachments or links.

The FCC also offers smartphone security advice, emphasizing the importance of understanding app permissions.

 It's crucial to wipe data from old devices before selling or disposing of them to protect personal information.