Nvidia Reaches $3 Trillion, Making CEO Jensen Huang Richer than Michael Dell

Jensen Huang's wealth has soared as Nvidia's market value hits an impressive $3 trillion.

Huang is now ranked as the world's 13th-richest person, surpassing Michael Dell, with a net worth of $106.1 billion.

His fortune has surged by over $62 billion this year due to high demand for Nvidia's chips used in AI tasks.

Dubbed "Jensanity," Huang symbolizes a new wave of tech billionaires driving the AI revolution in Silicon Valley.

Other tech leaders benefiting from this surge include Lisa Su of AMD and Charles Liang of Super Micro Computer Inc.

Nvidia's success has elevated Huang's wealth, surpassing even America's richest family, the Waltons.

Huang's wealth is primarily from his 3.5% stake in Nvidia, which he co-founded in 1993.

Dell Technologies, led by Michael Dell, has also benefited from the AI boom, particularly in server demand.

Despite a recent dip in Dell's stock value, the company remains a key partner for Nvidia in the AI infrastructure business.

Nvidia's dominance in AI accelerators remains unrivaled, with plans for annual upgrades to stay ahead of competitors.