OnePlus Returns to the Wrist: The Watch 2 is Coming

 Back in the Ring: OnePlus returns to the smartwatch game with the Watch 2, promising up to 100 hours of battery life.

 Premium Materials: Stainless steel and sapphire crystal elevate the Watch 2's design.

Health Focus: "Meticulous health monitoring" hints at improved fitness tracking.

 Smart Mode Mystery: The 100-hour battery claim likely requires a low-power mode with limited functionality.

 Shortfall from Expectations: 100 hours falls short of the first Watch's 10-day battery life (in review conditions).

 Limited Features: The prior Watch lacked app support, voice assistant, and accurate fitness tracking.

 Battery Comparison: Still impressive compared to Apple Watch Ultra 2's 60-hour low-power mode.

 Learning from Mistakes: OnePlus admits the first Watch's shortcomings and promises a "reflective pause" led to improvements.

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Ecosystem Builder: Shifting focus from "Flagship Killer" to building a connected ecosystem.

Smarter Watch? Shorter battery life suggests a more feature-rich experience compared to the first Watch.