Pixel Watch 3 aims to rectify the primary drawback of the wearable gadget.

In January, reports surfaced from Google insiders indicating that the Pixel Watch 3 would diverge from its predecessors by offering two size options.

While specifics weren't initially clear, recent information from 9to5Google confirms that the larger version of the Pixel Watch 3 will measure 45mm.

If the smaller variant maintains a 41mm size, it would align with the Apple Watch Series 9, providing consumers with a similar choice as Apple's offerings.

Notably, both Apple and Samsung typically charge an additional $30 for larger models, suggesting Google may follow suit, with prices starting at $349 and $379.

However, Google could differentiate itself by offering both sizes at the same price, a strategy employed by Garmin with its Venu 3 smartwatches.

While larger watch sizes often imply larger batteries, the actual increase in battery life may not be significant due to additional power consumption from the screen.

Yet, the impressive 100-hour battery life achieved by the OnePlus Watch 2 hints at potential gains for Google by optimizing power usage, possibly through a hybrid interface approach.

By addressing battery limitations and introducing two size options, the Pixel Watch 3 could establish itself as a formidable competitor in the high-end smartwatch market.

Additionally, the 9to5Google report confirms the impending release of a second generation of Pixel Buds Pro, expected to offer enhancements in sound quality, battery life, and noise cancellation effectiveness.

While no specific release date is provided, given the timing of the previous generation's announcement in May 2022, it's plausible that the new Pixel Buds Pro may debut at the upcoming Google I/O event, typically held in May.