Reports Indicate Apple Abandons Electric Car Project

Apple has ceased efforts to develop a self-driving electric car after years of speculation, as reported by multiple media outlets.

Employees from the car project are reportedly being reassigned to Apple's artificial intelligence division, according to Bloomberg.

The decision to halt the project coincides with disappointing electric vehicle sales across the industry.

While never officially confirmed, Apple's car project, internally known as "Project Titan," hinted at the company's serious intentions in the automotive sector.

Over the years, Apple made significant hires from the automotive industry and obtained permits for testing self-driving vehicles.

Additionally, the company acquired, a startup specializing in autonomous driving technology, and recruited talent from established carmakers like BMW.

Apple also filed patents related to car technology, including systems to address motion sickness and real-time window tint adjustment.

Speculation arose whether Apple would collaborate with existing car manufacturers rather than producing its own vehicles entirely.

Analysts previously suggested that an Apple car could have a transformative impact on the automotive industry similar to the iPhone's influence on mobile phones.

Despite the discontinuation of its electric car project, Apple's focus on artificial intelligence remains strong, indicating potential future innovations in the tech sector.