Tech Expert Earns $170,000 from Secret Remote Jobs, Clears $50,000 in Student Loans

Adam, a millennial techie, initially earned $85,000 annually with $118,000 in student loans.

He doubled his yearly income to over $170,000, significantly reducing his loan amount within a year.

Dissatisfied with his income from food delivery, Adam sought a remote job alongside his full-time role.

In December, he found a YouTube video suggesting covertly managing multiple remote jobs.

Adam was determined to double his income and clear his loans within two years.

He secured a second remote job in February after being contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn.

It’s great to see so many celebrities we know and love put their money where their heart is.

Juggling two jobs allowed Adam to build a four-month emergency fund and assist friends financially.

He works between 30 and 60 hours per week and believes the workload is sustainable.

Adam advises aligning calendars and avoiding overloading oneself with tasks.

He recommends using sick days when feeling overwhelmed without needing to justify it.