The Apple Watch's watchOS 10.4 update pledges to address the 'ghost touch' problem.

If you've experienced 'ghost touches' on your Apple Watch 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2, where actions occur on the screen without your input, updating to watchOS 10.4 should resolve the issue.

The latest watchOS 10.4 update addresses a problem causing some users to encounter false touches on their watch displays, according to release notes from Wccftech.

You can now download and install the watchOS 10.4 update either from your iPhone or directly on your watch, as it's currently being rolled out.

In February, reports emerged about the 'ghost touch' issue, prompting Apple to issue a memo to authorized repair centers acknowledging the problem.

False touches could inadvertently initiate calls and prevent users from entering their passcodes, significantly impacting the user experience, according to the memo.

watchOS 10.4 introduces the option to expand notifications on the smartwatch screen with a double-tap, along with added security measures for Apple Pay users with Assistive.

Additionally, a fix for contact syncing issues is included in the watchOS 10.4 update, addressing problems reported by some users.

This marks the eighth minor update released by Apple since the debut of watchOS 10 in September 2023, accompanying the latest Apple Watch models.

Past updates have tackled various bugs, such as incorrect elevation readings and difficulties with watch face synchronization

Looking ahead, the schedule for watchOS 11 is expected to follow the usual pattern: a preview at Apple's WWDC event in June, followed by public betas, and a final release in September, likely coinciding with the launch of the Apple Watch 10.