Ticketmaster Got Hacked, Might Affect 560 Million People

Ticketmaster faced a cyber-attack, confirmed by its parent company, Live Nation.

 Hackers, known as the ShinyHunters group, are demanding a ransom of £400,000 to prevent selling customer data.

 The hackers claim to have access to names, addresses, phone numbers, and partial payment details of 560 million customers.

 Live Nation disclosed the unauthorized activity in a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Law enforcement agencies have been notified, and investigations are underway to mitigate risks.

Santander bank also confirmed being hacked, allegedly by the same group, ShinyHunters.

 The hackers advertised the stolen data on a forum, including staff HR details, for $2m.

 Authorities in Australia and the US are collaborating with Ticketmaster to address the breach.

Ticketmaster and Live Nation are yet to respond to requests for comments on the incident.

 Measures are being taken to protect users and mitigate the impact of the data breach.