Galaxy Watches might have longer battery time with Wear OS 5.

 Wear OS 5 aims to enhance Galaxy Watches' battery life.

 It's based on Android 14, with the first Developer Preview now accessible.

 Google claims Wear OS 5 is more energy-efficient than prior versions.

Activities like running a marathon are expected to consume 20% less power.

Developers are encouraged to design power-efficient apps and watch faces.

 Google transitioned to Samsung's Watch Face Format with Wear OS 3.

 Around 30% of third-party watch faces on Play Store already use this format.

 Older watch face formats will soon be phased out by Google.

Wear OS 3 has spurred the development of smartwatches by various brands.

 Wear OS 5 offers features like a grid-based app launcher and flexible audio output selection during media playback.