TSMC's 2nm Processor Expected to Debut with iPhone 17 Pro

 TSMC is on schedule to supply Apple with 2nm processors for its 2025 devices.

In 2022, TSMC announced plans for mass production of 2nm designs by 2025.

Initial reports suggested iPhone 17 Pro would be the first device to feature these processors.

Apple reportedly secured TSMC's entire output of 2nm processors for iPhone 17 Pro and Apple Silicon Macs.

Digitimes reports TSMC is set to produce its "N2" 2nm processors, with small scale production in late 2024.

Mass manufacturing of the processors is expected during 2025.

TSMC is also advancing toward producing 1.4nm processors, internally referred to as the "A14."

An enhanced 2nm processor, known as "N2P," is in development and expected by late 2026.

Apple may miss out on adopting 2nm processors for its 2024 iPhone 16 Pro.

Despite the delay, expectations remain for the introduction of new AI features in the iPhone 16 Pro and iOS 18.