US House Approves Legislation with Potential to Prohibit TikTok Across the Nation

TikTok faces potential legislation threats due to its ties with ByteDance, a Beijing-based company.

A bipartisan House panel approved a bill requiring ByteDance to divest TikTok within six months to avoid a nationwide ban.

The bill also empowers the executive branch to restrict access to apps deemed national security threats.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise plans to bring the bill to a House vote next week.

Uncertainty remains regarding the bill's fate in the Senate, where previous attempts to ban TikTok stalled.

President Biden expressed readiness to sign the bill if passed by Congress.

Lawmakers express concerns over Chinese authorities potentially accessing data of TikTok's American users.

Previous attempts to ban TikTok, including Trump's executive order, faced legal challenges.

TikTok users mobilize against the bill, inundating congressional offices with calls.

The potential ban could impact small businesses, influencers, and users who rely on TikTok for marketing and income.